2016 Mid Autumn Festival


On the 16th of September 2016, Malaysian Student Association organized the annual Mid-Autumn Festival gathering at the Engineering Hall patio. It was a night for moon worship but unfortunately, the bright moon was covered by the clouds. However, it did not hinder the enjoyment of the members. Various kinds of mooncakes were bought for the members and hot tea was prepared as well. In Chinese culture, sharing mooncakes signifies unity and the round shape of mooncake symbolizes completeness and reunion. Of course, the tradition of playing lantern is not forgotten as MaSA prepared brightly lit lanterns for the members. The lanterns of various shapes and colors warmly lit and colored the night. Coincidentally, the 16th of September is also Malaysian Day, a commemoration of our beloved home country's federation establishment. All members took a photo together with their lanterns and with our Jalur Gemilang. Overall, it was a great night and everyone had a great time catching up with each other. 

Written by 
Aik Rui Tan

2016 Kickoff Meeting & Merdeka Celebration


Welcome back everyone and welcome to UIUC for the new students! To commemorate the start of a new and exciting semester as well as to celebrate our annual Independence Day, MaSA organized a Kickoff Meeting on the 26th of August. Pizza and soda was served and the board members took turns to introduce themselves as well as to speak about future plans and events of the organization. After a brief run through from the committee, the focus shifted to getting to know the new members where all members had to introduced themselves and creatively described their hometown.

In conjunction to Malaysia’s Independence Day, the patriotic song “Tanggal 31” was sung after having a group photo in order to raise our patriotic spirits. The meeting adjourned with a mini treasure hunt race where members had to pass through checkpoints around the quad before arriving at the final stop which is by the Alma Mater. At the Alma Mater, each group took a photo in front of our U of I icon with the Malaysian Flag and the race officially ended at 11pm. We hope that all members had fun throughout the meeting and managed to catch up with each other!

Written by
Jing Kai

2016 Raya Aidilfitri Celebration


On July 9, 2016, we had a wonderful evening celebrating Eid Mubarak with all the members left here in Chambana at AACC. The evening started with the dinner fest full of ‘Raya Food’ brought by the members. There were Rendang, Ayam Kapitan, Laksa Sarawak, and many more! Not to forget, there were also tenth of choices of ‘Kuih Raya’, which some of them were home-baked by the members who came. We had so much fun catching up with each other after a long time since last semester. There were a lot of stories to tell and so many things to share.
Once the sun was starting to set, we gathered outside to play sparkles. Each of us were given a few sparkles and we started to dance to the Raya songs played out loud on the speaker. The night was so happening with all the laughing, dancing and sparkling lights surrounded us. We did not stop there. The night was continued with karaoke session of our favorite Raya song inside. One after another, Siti Nurhaliza’s after Anuar Zain’s songs were sang by us. There were some sad songs and there were some happy songs being sung for the night just to celebrate the wonderful Eid Mubarak.

Times were running fast and the night was getting late. We ended our celebration with a group photo. The photo was so colorful with the bright and beautiful colors of our members’ “baju raya”. We said our apologies and gave our forgiveness to each other and walked out to go back to our own house. We hope we will meet again next time to celebrate Eid Mubarak together.

Written by
Muazr Amer Hamzah

2016 MaSA Graduation Night


Another year, another milestone for our seniors. On the April 16th 2016, MaSA UIUC organize an annual dinner where we celebrate the class of 2016 in a glorious fashion to appreciate the achievements and accomplishments made by them! The night of Magnum Stellar. The event took place in ‘The Great Gatsby’ style where the ladies became the beautiful Daisy and the gents became their own charming Gatsby.

    The event started off with the arrival of the guests and then followed by the arrival of the honourable graduates escorted into the hall. Handsome gents and beautiful ladies, all smile in their best attires and great excitement.   

    Our two best hosts for the night, Kamal Suria and Alia Putri were in high-spirited welcoming everyone and interacting with the guests with their fun games throughout the night. The event later continued with Dua recital by sophomore, Ahmad Syafiq, and an introductory speech by our 2016/2017 MaSA President, Muazr Amer Hamzah.

    Dinner was served. A taste of Tuscan Mangia on the menu where we indulged ourselves with delicious Italian cuisine. The event then continued with an exchange of door gifts between the attendees as a symbol of appreciation to each other. As time passed by, everyone starts to mingle around and space was filled with laughter and joy.

    A short introductory video was presented on the screen starring graduating class of 2016. Up next were the anticipated performances by the Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors dedicating memorable songs to the guests. The talented senior in Actuarial Science, Zaza Fahmeeda, accompanied by Atika Nurul Fatin on the piano also performed a song called Langit by Yuna that makes all the guests applauded and teary at the same time.

Then, the graduates were invited up on stage one by one to be given a unique token of appreciation from the family of MaSA UIUC, accompanied by the cheering of the other guests. The night continued with other exciting performances and followed by an inspiring speech by the senior representative Arjun Kumar – major in Civil Engineering – to his fellow graduates. Kak Syeda Fauzi was also given the microphone to represent the graduate student in UIUC. Her speech was filled with great personal advices from the experiences she gained on the campus since 2008.

Two awards ceremony were given out on that night for best-dressed male and female whom were selected by casts of vote from the attendees. The winners were the obvious Daisy, Kak Syeda Fauzi, and Gatsby, Aiman Shahabuddin! The last screening of a video wraps up the whole bittersweet memories of our graduating seniors in U of I. The videos were a reminder that every experiences they gained in UIUC have shaped them to be who they are today.

To end the night on a memorable note, a formal photo session were done with all of the graduating seniors and others too. It was an eventful night that would not happen without our seniors hard work to live up to their dream! Congratulations to the graduates class of 2016. Good luck in your future endeavour and make the world your canvas.

Written by
Aiman Shahabuddin

Spring '16 Kickoff Meeting


Aloha and welcome back everyone! Spring ‘16 is a brand new exciting semester and as usual, there were a few new students who just joined the big MaSA family in UIUC. Hence, MaSA organized a potluck session (c’mon, who doesn’t like food???)! We had many members bringing their own signature dishes to be shared and MaSA bought pizzas for everyone! At the same time, our president, Fan Kiat did a presentation on MaSA’s future events. In the middle of the process, everyone introduced themselves to the new students and also talked about their plans during winter break. The meeting adjourned at around 2pm and members had a great time catching up with each other!