Aidilfitri 1417 Pictures

Updates: Raya card ordering information (now with a NEW PRICE!!!)

A big thank you to all of you who turned up for the photo shoot earlier today. Although the weather wasn't ideal, the pictures turned out great.

We will be using this picture for MaSA's raya card, available by pre-order only. Please email your order info to anuar*remove* by 3pm Wednesday 9/27/06. With your cooperation, we can get them done by next Wednesday (10/4/06). Order list

The cards are priced at $1.00 per piece (inclusive of envelope) for MaSA members. For those who have not paid their dues, the cards can be bought for $1.20 each.

You can pay by cash or check upon delivery. Or you can Paypal your payment to me at adzwan21*remove*

Feel free to share the pictures that you took. Email the links to Adzwan or Farhan.
Here are Eleena's. Yani's.


** Exclude *remove* when emailing.

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7 Responses to “Aidilfitri 1417 Pictures”

fred said...

penat2 aku pakai baju melayu full dan bersampin.. tp yg nampak hanya gigi, kepala ngan songkok..

faibesh said...

awesome!!! walopon aku dah bombom gambar aku tetap cunted...
wahahahhahahaha!!!! selamat berpuasa... muahhhh!!! mari kite kuruskan badan beramai2

adzwan said...

Beli. Jangan tak beli.
Fai: Kalau ko rase gambar ko cunted kene la beli 20 keping, hantar pusing satu dunia. hehe

Anonymous said...


berhati2 dgn slanga okeh hehe

farhan said...

Oh yeah, gile cool gambar.

Jonh Neo said...

Hi MaSA, I want to introduce you to

aDZwan said...

Kad raya dah sampai. Ramai dah dapat. Thanks for ordering and supporting MaSA.

Contact me to arrange a pick-up if you still have not received the cards.