BBQ Afterthoughts and Forum

BBQ was great this year. I ate a lot :D

Thanks for the food everyone!

Also, the Merdeka BBQ's gallery is online. Please click on the pic above or the link on the right to go there.

Oh, and another thing.

Please use the MaSA forum. Just post anything in there; say hello or make an introduction (if you're one of the freshmen) for us all. To current MaSA members, come and register too. Then, read and obey the posted rules. Lastly, please post suggestions for the Mods. It'll help a lot.

When registering, please use REAL NAME as your alias. We won't know who you are if using name like "PalingTinggi". Who is he/she anyway? This is for the betterment of everyone.

K thx.


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Anonymous said...

bElly hahaha

Anonymous said...

muahahaha =D

self said...


Anonymous said...

Saper yg self-proclaimed "paling tinggi" tu paan. demmit. aku pon x pakai nickname tu =p

Anonymous said...

please do not ask us to use real names when registering the forums if the mods themsleves are using nicknames. cakap tak serupa bikin. malaysia boleh.

Anonymous said...

No need to get into a verbal/typewritten fighting fest. Why don't we stop making excuses for ourselves and just go with what makes the most sense.

In other words, use your real name on the forum. I registered myself as Adzwan even though most people know me as Dezerk.

There's no need to hide behind pseudonyms if we have no reason not to be accountable for our comments.

Anonymous said...

"Please do not ask us to use real names when registering the forums if the mods themsleves are using nicknames. cakap tak serupa bikin. malaysia boleh."

To anonymous above (the coward who couldn't even put his/her own real name):

Hmm... O RLY?. You say the 'mods'? The only mod who uses a nickname is Fido Kecik (fidolahoya), whose name is Firdaus. I count only 1 mod. I guess you don't possess the basic skill of counting. And since you are too retarded to think about it, there are 3 freaking people in MaSA called Firdaus, so well... you can't think anyway.

I suppose some people didn't even read the rule I posted ages ago about registering, but I guess people like "palingtinggi" can't read. Hmm I know some people know you more by your nickname than your real name, then it can't be helped. Take Elly for example, who would have thought Elly's real name is Azliza?

But ok, I'll try to ask these people to change their "nicknames" to their respected real names. Happy now?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

no wonder there is a need to be anonymous.

just like the people in Malaysia, some cannot take criticism, and have the need to resort to childish insults.

it is interesting to see "really" spelt as "RLY" in a sentence that is trying to ridicule "mod" mistyped as "mods".

well, if you felt the comment was directed at you personally, and not at the policy as originally intended, i apologise.

i am also sorry to see officials from the official malaysian student association of uiuc have have such attitude and rudeness. it is indeed very encouraging, friendly and professional. malaysia boleh.

Anonymous said...

"Lastly, please post suggestions for the Mods. It'll help a lot."

i think this should be changed to

"Lastly, please post suggestions for the Mods. The suggestions, comments and criticisms will be taken care or personally, or rather, in a personal manner. It'll be ridiculed and the poster will be insulted, while the mod edits the original post to a nice language and place it in the main page"

Anonymous said...

please do not blame palingtinggi for not being able to read the rules you posted "ages ago".

"And since you are too retarded to think about it, there are 3 freaking people in MaSA called Firdaus, so well... you can't think anyway."

i am also sorry for the 3 Firdaus being called freaks for no reason. it is almost as bad as being call retard for trying to post comments when comments are specifically asked for.

Anonymous said...

Yo anonymous..

no need to retaliate again. you are not making the situation better. it seems that the one doing the posting cant take criticisms too. how pathetically 'cakap tak serupa bikin' punya attitude. do you know how to spell hypocrite?

oh yeah.. and please use your real name. btw.. if you want to get technical about it, i dont think the word mod was mistyped. your sentence: ".. the mods themselves.."
"themselves" is a plural pronoun you freaking hypocrite. and also.. freaking doesnt mean freak. its just an intensifier adjective commonly used as a slang.

and another english lesson for you. word:pseudonym, meaning:a metaphor for having no balls.

get me?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

As coward as you are, again, you're making a fool out of yourself.

I'm not replying to you since I don't want to sink as low as you are. The weak arguments that you pointed out, has clearly been taken care by Jamil.

So, if you have any more "suggestions", please email me at fmohamed*remove* since I'm not replying to this anymore.


Anonymous said...

farhan, i will not waste any more suggestions on masa. it is hopeless.

firdaus hisham, i am not interested.

jamil, i think your points are off. and how do you think think replying with something like that will help? i do not think my arguements are weak, as farhan said, and i do not think you are replying to the correct issues. i do not mean to "retaliate" but i thought as long as criticisms and suggestions are wanted, i will try to contribute. anyway, i get the point now - i think masa is an exclusive clique with narrow-minded members, at least as exemplified by you and farhan here. so i will not be bothering anymore.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, i have no problem with your first comment here. i was having a little fun replying to your other comments and i admit its not very productive for MASA. however, please lose the sarcastic attitude. criticisms and suggestions are very much welcomed here but do it in a nice, constructive way yaa. and dont say that MASA is a clique with narrow minded members. im just voicing out my opinions as you are and if you wont be responsible for what you write, then dont use the public space here. maybe its better off if you email suggestions straight to farhan yaa.

Anonymous said...

Stop it guys! How dare you guys do that to anonymous. He is being friendly and nice and looking for some friends. Be cool. Dont be hating~

Anonymous said...

anonymous, whos ur daddy?