Malaysian Night

Hey guys, as you all know next weekend is Malaysian Night festival weekend. The guys and girls from MaSA are working hard in making this event to be successful. So please come and join the fun in a true Malaysian spirit :)

The evening will be divided into two main events. First, we'll have a Food Sales and Exhibition event at Foellinger Forecourt. Here's the menu:

  • Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce, Rice Cubes and Cucumber (Sate Ayam dengan kuah kacang, nasi himpit dan timun)
  • Lacy Pancake with Chicken or Vegetable Curry (Roti Jala dengan Kari Ayam atau Sayur)
  • Malaysian Spring Roll with Sauce (Popiah dengan sauce)
  • Syrup Drink with Condensed Milk, Grass Jelly, Cream Soda/Sprite or Lime Juice (Air Sirap dengan Susu Pekat, Cincau, Krim Soda/Sprite atau Jus Limau)
Then, we'll have the Cultural Show at the Foellinger Auditorium.

Quoting from e-mail:

"It will be a night full of cultural performances, food, audiences, fellowship with other student associations, and perhaps games and lucky draw, and it will (hopefully) be a night for us to remember, simply for being a Malaysian."


"It's one of the biggest event we've undertaken so far. However, since our membership count only totals to about 80 people, we'll be needing all of you guys to help out. We'll be needing volunteers to help sell food, help give out flyers, help chalk the quad, and help spread the words to other people. If you want to contribute a little of your energy to this cause of MaSA, please let me know. We'll appreciate every single contribution.

Please respond to if you are not involved in performance, but would still like to help out. The organizing committee really hopes we can summon as much help as possible."


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2 Responses to “Malaysian Night”

farhan said...

Bah, my Eng -> BM translation of Malaysian Food sucks. Anyone got better idea for Roti Jala?

pedot said...

Jala Pancake, atau Lacy Pancake atau Sweet Lace Pancake. Dapat dari Google.