Thanks MaSA!

Hi MaSA,

Just wanted to let you guys know our 8-month project MaSA Cultural Night was held yesterday and it was a success. I received compliments from many parties, but I thought it was unfair to many who did more than I did.

I don't want to mention names of the people who have unconditionally helped out; you know who you are (I do too), but I really would like to thank the MCN committee members who had faithfully attended agonizingly long meetings, performers, as well as the volunteers. We couldn't have done it without any of the components I just mentioned. Thanks again.

Estimated attendance was about 400 for both food and exhibition/performance. In addition, we also built a good relationship with friends from HKSA, CSSA and ISC.

I hope we can keep working like this in future projects.

Zhuanqiang Tan
Malaysian Cultural Night Project Director

PS. Photos from the event can be viewed from the links below. Please use responsibly. ie. Give credit where credit is due okay? :)
Tracy's Eleena's
More to come!

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4 Responses to “Thanks MaSA!”

Jamil said...

Special credit to the freshmen batch. I'm proud of you guys laaa.. baru datang 4 minggu daah kene menari.. and you guys gave unconditional support to people you've only come to know in a short period of time.

All the other guys did a great job too! Exhibition was awesome, food was great, performances were the best. Great job! never been prouder than now to be a Malaysian.

faibesh said...

asal tade byk gambar aku weihh...dimanakan daku ketike kamu bergambar....hahahha but seriously nice ppic...bagus kepada sume masa member korg cume mmg hot arr mlm tu....kudos to evo sbb bagi kiterng karaoke...malaysia boleh..yeahh!!!

Kat said...

To everyone! You guys did a great job. And I have to thank people whom I 'tarik' last minute to help. Without you guys, I could not have done it.

Everybody did great that day. The food was great, the weather was awesome, and the night was the perfect ending.

I hope that the Malaysian community will continue to grow strong and be able to do greater things in the future.

zhuanqiang said...

Yes, special credits to the freshmen. I hope this first project has somehow made you guys feel more attached to MaSA than previous freshman batches.