AACC Kopitiam on Wednesday 11/1/06

The interns at AACC, with help from MaSA & SSA, are co-sponsoring a Coffee House Discussion at the Asian-American Cultural Center. Details are as follows:

Date : Wednesday, November 1st
Time : 7.00-8.30pm
Venue: Asian American Cultural Center
(near the corner of Nevada & Matthews) Map

Want more info? Check out Alan's email which was sent out earlier.

Come and show your support. Hope to see many of you there.


PS. We will be making note of attendance. We'll use the info for the merit/participation reward program. Come and increase your chances of winning a gift card!

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3 Responses to “AACC Kopitiam on Wednesday 11/1/06”

Anonymous said...

Come on guys...mari datang...cekodok pisang tuuu...mane nak dapat lg kt sini. Alang2 maseh raye kan...jom laa teman aku pakai baju melayu. Kalo ade kopiah ngn kain pelekat lagi best utk laki. Ramai2 pki ok? Yg girls tujukkan laa keayuan dgn baju kurung/kebaya.
Lagi best kalo korg ade idea sket2 utk discussion esok, Why South East Asian American is Invisible and How to Make Then More Visible. Lagi satu Multiculturalism : Food and Custom. OK?
See you guys tomorrow (",)y~peeeaace

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