Traditional Dance Classes/Group

Want to learn traditional Malaysian dances? Interested in performing with other Malaysians at cultural events on campus? Read on….

Come and join MaSA’s cultural dance lessons. We’re putting together a standing team of dancers to help avoid last minute rush practices before cultural events. Among events coming up include Culture Shock and many more.

MaSA’s Cultural Chair is organizing lessons to train those who are interested. Walk-in classes. Prior registration is not required.

This week’s class is MENARI 101: Intro to Zapin (0 Credit; Pass/Fail)
This class meets on Saturday, 11/04/06; 10am-11.30am in room 314 Illini Union.
Prerequisites: Enthusiasm and willingness to attend at short notice (sorrylah, this thing esok)

Next week’s class will be MENARI 102: Intro to Tarian Buluh Sarawak (0 Credit; Pass/Fail)
This class will meet on Saturday, 11/11/06. Time and location to be announced later (ARR)
Prerequisite: Must sign disclaimer agreeing not to sue bamboo pole holders who hit, trap or cause minor injuries to your foot.

See you guys there!


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Anonymous said...

Sudah bermula!

Ahmad Salahuddin said...

LOL dz