Snowboarding Trip: The Aftermath

A total of 10 of us went of the trip to Skisnowstar this past weekend, and the unanimous opinion was that the trip was wicked fun. The slopes were well covered in snow, and there was a wide variety of hills for everyone, from beginners (Vasan) to more expert ones (Azzahir). Even those who had never skied or snowboarded before had tons of fun.

Unfortunately, only one of us brought a camera, so we don't have a lot of pictures, but if you close your eyes and imagine a bunch of Malaysians sporting huge grins, then you more or less have it right.

At the end of the day, we were all smiling despite being battered and bruised, and we've decided that we should go back again before winter ends. Perhaps another trip needs to be arranged.


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4 Responses to “Snowboarding Trip: The Aftermath”

aDZwan said...

Who was the owner of the lone camera? Care to share pictures with the rest of us who unfortunately had to miss out on the trip?

azzahir said...

cuba tanya Ily Tumeran. Dia sorang je yang bawak kamera.

Ily said...

i dah hantar one big fat uncensored file to Ahmad Dezerk Anuar.
He doesnt want to upload the pics?

iLy said...

ehhem... pics?