Welcome Back & Snowboarding Trip

Hello MaSA members!
Welcome back to campus. I'm sure you guys had a lot of fun over winter break - traveling and stashing more fat around your respective midriffs.

Before I get to the fun stuff, a reminder from both MSD and MARA. Please forward to them your Fall 2006 results by the end of this month. They will need to compile a report of their students' academic performance. Save your results from UI-Integrate and email them to Pn Enson at enson_din[at]yahoo[dot]com (for JPA students) and to Kak Ani at admwdc[at]mara[dot]gov[dot]my (for MARA students). Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Quoting Azzahir from his mass email:

Let's start the new semester on a high note and celebrate by going on a snowboarding/skiing trip next Saturday 1/27/07!!
No prior experience is necessary to go snowboarding (or skiing), all you need is to do is show up with money for the rental of skis/board and lift tickets.
The price of both rental and lift tickers are about 60 USD per person (this is a standard price). The place we're planning to go to is west of Chicago. You can visit the site at www.ridesnowstar.com
Right now we've about 4 drivers, so places are limited to about 20 people, first come first serve.
Email Azzahir at azhar[at]uiuc[dot]edu if you want to come along.

Also, we're going to be renting cars, so that will be about 20USD per person (approximate only). The actual charge will depend on what car we get, price of gas etc

So bring out your winter wear and lets kick off the semester with an amazing trip!

Have a great semester guys! As usual, feedback for the committee is always welcome.


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4 Responses to “Welcome Back & Snowboarding Trip”

azzahir said...

Dezerk, you spelled my name wrong.

Anyway, if you are interested in participating in this event, please please email me ASAP so I can get a headcount going.

So far we've got 7 people signed up so hurry as space is limited.

I'll send out another email shortly addressing the details of the trip.

aDZwan said...
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aDZwan said...

Whoops! Sorry about that Azzahir. I've fixed it.

fred said...

I want to go but my financial situation now is like an egg at the edge of a horn.. so if you can get a group deal or other cheap solutions.. let us all know.. hehe.. and.. can u put names of those who already signed up for the trip.. who knows it can attract more people..