Asian Games 2007

This coming Saturday (4/14/07), MaSA along with SSA, HKSA and ISC will host the inaugural UIUC Asian Games.

(1) Indoor Soccer @ CRCE
Time: 8am-12pm

(2) Basketball & Volleyball @ Kenney Gym
Time: 1pm-5pm

Want to play? Maximum 10 players per team. Please contact...

Soccer : Rapik aka Cikmat - mohdsaat[at]uiuc[dot]edu
Volleyball : Adzwan aka Dezerk - anuar[at]uiuc[dot]edu
Basketball : Need volunteer for team captain! (Contact Adzwan for interview hehe...)

Cost? Free! MaSA sponsors your entry fee. Fee covers cost of medals and trophies for the Champions.

Above all, we need supporters! Datanglah beramai-ramai.


PS. Grad Dinner on April 29, 2007. Organized by the 2007-2008 MaSA Committee

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9 Responses to “Asian Games 2007”

Anonymous said...

I'll just be the head cheerleader lah.
Gimme an M-A-L-A-Y-S-I-A~~~
*waving pompoms madly*

Anonymous said...

nice post. never thought u guys are so f-a-s-t fast! by the way, do we really have basketball players? or we dont have any team so far?


Adam Johari said...

volleyball. count me in. warghhh. rasekanlah kehebatan adam tambatan. warghh

Anonymous said...

I'm currently in the blogging mood. :)

Nope, we don't really have a basketball team. Anyone interested? Sayang kalau tak main.

azzahir said...

Aku nak main basketball, tapi rasanya tak cukup orang nak main lah.

self said...

i have to work *boo*

Anonymous said...

Azzahir: I'm sure there are others who want to play. Ask around. Did you ask Jet?

Elly: Cari la sub. Lama gile u tak main volley dgn kitorang ni.

Anonymous said... longer ex-President yang gila kuasa...?

Anonymous said...

yo dezerk et all,

just to inform you guys(attention kepada sesiapa yang relevant/berkenaan), azmin kahwin kat ampang,selangor jun 2 ni, so sesiapa yang free bolehlah datang. a few other ex-uiuc-ians datang(fifi,hilmi,tze ming,hazwan makcik2 ella,tet,elly etc..), boleh buat mini gathering. This is just a friendly notifier, in case some of you will be in malaysia around that time. More info will be coming from azmin. So please spread the word.