No updates. (Edited)

Sorry for the sudden and prolonged drought of posts.

We did so much over the past 2 months and hardly any was documented on this page. We'll try to post something later in the week.

(Edit 4/8/2007 - added the stuff below)

(1) Asian Awareness Month @ Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club Champaign (2/9/2007)

Bermain-main dengan kanak-kanak aged 5-15. We performed Tarian Buluh and taught them how to play Batu Seremban and Gasing.

(2) Chinese New Year Dinner @ Mandarin Wok (2/17/2007)
Ate lots of good food. Huge turnout (50+ people). In short, lots of fun! Thanks Meng Peun for organizing it.

(3) Culture Shock Zapin Performance @ Illini Union (2/17/2007)
Equipped with huge, round bellies after the CNY dinner, 6 of us danced and entertained (we hope) the crowd at this annual multi-cultural event.

(4) Chinese New Year Cultural Show @ Courtyard Cafe (2/28/2007)
Event co-sponsored with HKSA, SSA, AAA & TASC. Some performances. Each club had their own booths. Lots of noodles on offer (although Union Catering "re-interpreted" our laksa). And our very own Ily co-emceed the event.

(5) Monopoly Night @ PAR (3/3/2007)
We paid a buck to enter. We ate mihun goreng. We played monopoly. We laughed. We cheated. Some won and many more lost. But it definitely brought a lot of us much closer together.
In short, we had FUN FUN FUN! Thanks Zaza.


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