Introducing...MaSA committee members 2007-2008

Introducing.... the FACES who'll be IN YOUR FACES this school year.

President * Nur Atikah Paimin * ::: tikah
Vice President * Muhamad Hazlan Jamal * ::: alan
Secretary * Keng Seng Khai * ::: keng
Treasurer * Izzati Mohd Azizi * ::: zaza
Social Chair * Ezamil Suhaimi * ::: ezamil
Cultural Chair * Nur Ilyani Tumeran * ::: ily
Webmaster * Yeong Hoong Chieh * ::: yeong

Getting to know the faces...
*Tikah* (Junior; ECE)
Fave building on campus : Law Library
Proverb that defines self : "Fish, or cut bait"
"Hidden" talent : Large-scaling

*Alan* (Junior; ECE)
Fave building on campus : Grainger
Proverb that defines self : "Put up or shut up"
"Hidden" talent : Eating

*Keng* (Junior; ECE)
Fave building on campus : Freer Hall
Proverb that defines self : "Boys will be boys"
"Hidden" talent : Stalking

*Zaza* (Junior; BioChem)
Fave building on campus : Union
Proverb that defines self : "In God we trust, all others pay Cash"
"Hidden" talent : Laughing.out.loud

*Ezamil* (Junior; CEE)
Fave building on campus : PAR
Proverb that defines self : "Make love, not war"
"Hidden" talent : Flirting

*Ily* (Sophomore; Act Sci)
Fave building on campus : McKinley
Proverb that defines self : "Easy does it"
"Hidden" talent : Cam-whoring

*Yeong* (Junior; AE)
Fave building on campus : CRCE
Proverb that defines self : "Talk is cheap"
"Hidden" talent : Talking, seriously.

On a more serious note, let's all cooperate with one another in every way possible and imaginable, in hope to have a fantabulous year ahead of us. Any suggestions and ideas that can help better MaSA's events and activities are very much welcome and appreciated.
Thank Y.O.U in advance, and everyone, HAVE A GRRREAT DAY~~!!

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6 Responses to “Introducing...MaSA committee members 2007-2008”

Saf Mohsin said...

Ezamil (Junior; CEE)
Fave building on campus : PAR

*coughcough* =P

Anyway, Yeay for the 2007-2008 MaSA committee :)
All the Best!

Ezamil said...

oh man, this is so hillarious! hahaha. well done guys. aku tau hidden talent zaza yang sebenar ar. hahaha

MaSA said...


Anonymous said...

good luck yo

andreanne ghaxaly said...

i have a feeling ily got something to do with this post..hurmm

MaSA UIUC said...

Ily has EVERYTHING to do with this post! hahaha.
This is not Ily.