Breaking News!

Wednesday, Oct 17th - The active MaSA president, Nur Atikah Paimin, a junior in ECE sprained her ankle while playing Racquetball in CRCE on Wednesday evening.

Luckily for her, since she's a nice person and all, other MaSA members who were present at the time of the incident, rushed her to McKinley Health Center, which is located just a few feet away.

The one hour waiting duration in McKinley was indeed unbearable for the other members. The thoughts of our beloved Madam President not being able to live life normally for a week or two pained our hearts, brains and tummies. Reality is, without her, none of us can function...well.

Peeking through the doctor's office, interpreting the X-Ray result ourselves, and annoying the nurses did not soothe our troubled souls.

Other MaSA members who were waiting patiently around the McKinley lounge proved to be bothered and worried over the President. However, Madam President's Racquetball opponent refused to give comments for the purpose of this article at that time.

Thankfully, at the end of the one-hour wait, the Madam herself appeared rather slooowly, but safely, through the doctor's office's door. Words could not describe the joyfullness in our hearts, hence sighs of relief was heard among the other members.

With that note, let's all spend some time to pray for her health and wish her well and hopefully, by God's will, she will heal faster than expected, so that all everyday activities can resume at normal rate.

Get Well Soon, Ticky!!

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2 Responses to “Breaking News!”

hanaliza said...

Dramatic gile kisah madam president ni.. :) get well soon atikah! Anyway, glad to know you all are having fun there..

p/s: finally bump into this active masa blog

tikah said...

hana!!!! wassup there.. hehehehe... bagus2.. kalo hana ade announcement kenduri ke ape ke senang la nk post kat sini kan....haha.. zaza balik mesia winter ni... tikah lepak2 kat sini je kot.. :-D