Halloween Par-tay!

Hey lovelies...

Yeah, it's not fair for others to have Halloween party while MaSA, doesn't have one! Well, here it is: MaSA is finally throwing a Halloween party this week!

In conjunction with the Halloween on October 31st, MaSA would like to provide our members as much fun as possible during this funny celebration in US. This party is going to be held on this Friday (Nov. 2nd) at 610 W. Elm St. (Alan, Ezamil, Yeong & Keng's house) from 7:30 p.m. till Midnight!

For those who haven't been to our house, try to look up the address at MapQuest or Google Map. Also, if you want to take transportation, 50 E. Green or 25 E. Loop will along Green St. and pass Lincoln Ave. Just stop at Coler and Green and you will see our building if you walk toward Elm St. For those who have no sense of direction at all (just kidding), our house is close to the mosque and give us a call when you are there so that we can give you direction.

There will be a lot of activities going on during the party. You may hang around/chill with your friends (to talk about your costumes... lol) while having some refreshments. Oh yeah, there will be some refreshments such as chips and beverages prepared but we would really appreciate it if you can bring some food to the party too. Not the heavy-cooked type of food, but just finger food (chips, soft drink, chocolate, cup cakes, etc).

Back to activities, we are going to have all-time favorite activity: KARAOKE! that night. For those who prefer competitive games, we also have MONOPOLY and (strip) POKER set up. And for those who like peace, we have simple game such as UNO and other card games. Lastly, for those who have restless legs, you might want to try those legs on DDR. And lots and lots of activities will be going on throughout that night!

IMPORTANT reminders:
You MUST dress up to join the party and we WILL NOT accept simple touch-up such as putting up a ribbon on your head, little face painting, or you will be strictly prohibited from entering. Haha!

Let us have fun putting up nice and creative costumes because we are going to give out best costume awards. There will be a number of costume awards given out such as the funniest costume, scariest costume, most jackass costume, cutest costume, and etc, you get the idea.

So what are you waiting for?!

Put on your best dress fellow friends and let the haunting begins!

Frighteningly yours,

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One Response to “Halloween Par-tay!”

Anonymous said...

congrats guys!! last night was a blast!! esp hot mama isa =P