Reminders - Important!!

Hello again lovelies..

Just a few reminders regarding everyone's well-being here in UIUC.

1) New students (freshmen or transfers) MUST visit McKinley to take care of the TB screening and immunization. Otherwise, if there's no record of your completing the immunization, your university account/status will be held by the university. meaning, problems later on with classes, registeration, etc.

2) For those who received an email from the ISSS regarding registration, WAJIB respond to the email to complete registeration otherwise your status as a student will be terminated due to "under-enrolled" policy.

3) (!!) UPDATE ADDRESS in UI-Integrate/Enterprise for those of you who moved to a new place/apartment as this is part of the IMMIGRATION REGULATION~

4) Students graduating in Dec should apply for OPT now. (if you're interested in staying to get a job here)

5) Students interested in internships for this coming winter break should apply for CPT now. (if you're interested in doing an internship here)

However, for no. (4) and (5), students who are not graduating in Dec or interning this winter, it's never too early to plan your future and start applying for those things either.

On a more interesting reminder, this Thursday, Oct 4, please join us for the Night Market from 8pm to 10pm located at the Anniversary Plaza (between Quad & Union) for a delicious, noisy and fun night.

Lastly, if you have questions, or simply would like to talk for absolutely no reason with no relevant topic at all, please feel free to see anyone of us. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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