Aaaaaand.... We're Back!!

Hello hello... Welcome back peeps!
New Year, New You? =)

Anyway, hopefully your very much needed winter break was superb, or just weird enough to be remembered for quite some time into the future.

So, nothing new to tell, just a quick note to see how you guys are doing.
But we can guarantee you that there will be new and exciting things coming your way!
The usual activities from previous semester will still be on going, like Weekly sport activities (which starts Saturday, Jan 19), and other Gatherings.

So, just keep checking this blog, or read your email for any updates.

Having said that, in this cold winter, please take a really good care of yourselves and wear appropriate layers of clothing, and since it's cold and it's even better just to snuggle under your warm, comfortable comforters, please slap yourselves silly if you ever think sleeping in is better than going out into the cold to get to class.

We'll be seeing YOU.

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