New Season's Premier

MaSA Chapter UIUC 08/09 New Season starts with a new production alliance.
In order to do so, we need YOU, (yes, YOU!) to take part in appointing the new board members for 2008-2009.

The procedures of our election process will be:
1) Nomination through emails by members (by Mar 24 2008)
2) List of candidates will be out (by Mar 26 2008)
3) Election during Annual General Meeting & new board members announced (on Mar 28 or Mar 29 2008)

Submit your nominations by Monday, March 24th 2008. You guys will have about two weeks to think about who would be MaSA future leaders. Just reply to this email with your candidates (you don't necessarily have to nominate for all posts) ;-) For the President and Vice President positions, you will need to provide the name of a person who seconds your nomination.

President :
Seconded by-

Vice President :
Seconded by-

Treasurer :
Secretary :
Social Chair :
Cultural Chair:

Also, you may include any suggestions or comments for board structure or MaSA in general.

The real election (and result) will take place during MaSA's Annual General Meeting.
Details on the AGM are as follows:

Event : MaSA's AGM 2008
Date : March 29, 2008
Day : Saturday
Time : 11.30 am
Venue: Transportation Building, Room 112

MaSA's future depends on your vote and opinions. So, the future of MaSA is in your hand - literally since you have to vote with your hand.

"Are you in good hands?"

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