Summer Heats Up

Hey everyone...
It has been a while since we last saw you here on-line.
Anyway, here's the Seniors' performance from the Grad Night.

Let our journey toward graduation be successful, blissful, and fill with memories!

This Summer, for those of you who are staying in Chambana, take good care of yourselves, and succeed in everything you do, mainly summer class and summer jobs.
For those who are going back to Malaysia, may you be healthy after all that eating.
For those of you who are travelling, and holiday-ing, take good care of your belongings, and your well-being. Have fun! and bring back some ole-ole.
For those who are working (full-time or internship), all the best and Fighting!
And for those of you who are not doing anything, well... you'll find something to do eventually.

Midwest Games is around the corner, and May the force be with our team this year!
Have fun..., but remember to Bring home the medals...and the Trophy!
UIUC Boleh!

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