Threatening Note - Be careful!

This is the warning given to U of I students by the Chief Police, so please be alert at all times, and of possible stay out of partying of any kind. Parents and family members please don't be too worried, our Policemen are working on this case and hopefully U of I students will be cooperative to make this less alarming and eventually this case will resolve safely.

As the Halloween weekend approaches, I write to update you on theinvestigation of a threatening note recently found in the Library. Thetask force established to investigate this threat continues to work towardidentifying the author and assessing the credibility of the note. Despiteour efforts, we have no information to lead us to believe the threat isany more or less credible than we did when it was first discovered.

The note stated that on Oct. 3, the note's author had damaged a vehiclewindow at the Savoy 16 Theaters at 232 W. Burwash Ave., Savoy. The notethreatened that on Halloween night (Oct. 31), the suspect intends to shoota person on Green Street.

More specifically, the note stated that "On Oct. 3rd 2008 I Used a Ruger22. caliber rifle to take shot at a black sedan in parking lot of SavoyTheatre." The note further stated that "On Halloween Night 2008" anothershot will be taken "on Green Street in the night life district."
We are asking the campus community again for your help in identifying theperson who left the note.

If you have any information regarding who mayhave written the note or damaged the vehicle in Savoy, contact theUniversity of Illinois Police Department at 217-333-1216, or you mayanonymously contact Crime Stoppers by calling 217-373-8477, by submittinganonymous tips online at or by texting Tip397 plus therelevant information to 274637 (CRIMES).

Contrary to rumors circulating on campus, this is the ONLY threat we havereceived.
Although this note may be some sort of hoax or prank, we are taking itextremely seriously. It is also understandable that this threat is causingmuch concern for students, parents and the university community. We remainhopeful that the author of the note will come forward or can be identifiedprior to Halloween to relieve these concerns.

A separate task force has been planning police operations on Halloween.Additional police resources, assets, strategies and tactics will bedeployed as needed throughout the campus district.

People have asked whether they should avoid Green Street on Halloweennight. Some may choose to not be present where the threat was focused, butno matter where you are, we advise you to always be aware of yoursurroundings and to immediately report any suspicious activity to thepolice.

If you are celebrating Halloween by wearing a costume, you absolutelyshould NOT carry any type of replica, toy or fake weapon.
We encourage you to sign up for the UI Emergency Notification System at

Thank you.

Interim Police Chief Jeff Christensen

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