and The Student Employee of The Year is...

Mohamad Aidil Mat Aris!


Aidil is a senior at the U of I and has been with the Illini Union Rec Room since May 2008. He is Lead Student in the Rec Room. A lead student provides strong leadership and support within the Rec Room and acts as a resource to other student employees.

Donna, his manager, comments on many ways Aidil has exhibited the leadership and taken on responsibility for additional duties such as co-chairing a student programming committee, assisting with training of new employee, and providing feedback regarding the development of a procedure manual.

Aidil is always polite and provides excellent customer service reflecting positively on the Illini Union and Rec Room.

The Illini Union is located at the north end of the quad of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It is the main community center for students right at the heart of the campus. We are really proud of him being the one and only Malaysian who won this prestigious 2011 Illini Union Student Employee of The Year award.

This award shows that we, Malaysians, have positive impacts on the community. Surely, there are many Malaysians working on campus and serving the community who also deserved the praise. Hopefully this would inspire more Malaysian to be more involved in the society and make Malaysia more well-known among people around.

Again congratulations to Aidil for receiving this prestigious award and making us proud. Now, we can all ask him for his secrets of becoming the employee of the year. Happy graduating and good luck with you career later on with BNM. We'll wait for more employee of the year award news from you :)

Past year (2010) awards:

the Illini Union

The award displayed at the union

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