Malaysian Graduation Night 2011

The seniors will be leaving this summer and that will sadly be one third of our MASA's population. This graduation night was planned specially for the seniors who are leaving U of I soon after graduating. They will be entering the 'new world' and hence our graduation theme - The Renaissance Night. They will confront the career world where more challenging tasks await them. Less books and exams, more office work and meeting bosses, I will say.

The night started with an interesting introduction video. In short, the MC 'came from the past' to give a scroll with the list of people graduating to himself in the future. If you missed the video, watch it HERE.

Then, came the performances from the students. Many performances grabbed people’s attention that night. The freshmen hit the stage singing All Rise by Blue. That actually made the people stood up. Then, Huilin and Sab sang “Officially Missing You” by Tamia greeting the senior goodbye. Sya and the gang (Atikah, Anis and Aliaa) also made a special appearance with their hip-hop beat performance and a song dedicated to the seniors. Andrew and the gang (Ammar, Basyir, Yoong Jie and Valerie) performed the song “My Heart" using live musical instruments. During the seniors' sketch performance and musical play, the time machine person (Isa) was really doing his job, going through the cycle of high school, college, work and marriage. Everyone enjoyed the performance. It truly conveys the message that at the end of the day, we should just enjoy the moment we are having in life. No matter where we are in life, there’s always going to be challenges and obstacles. Watch the Musical play again HERE.

The performances were done in between seniors gift sessions. Each senior is given a special photo frame after being called upon up on the stage with their photos showed on the screen and music playing. The fun part was the "Come find me" game where anyone who could find an item specified by the MC were given prizes.

The open stage (open mic) session during the closing of the night was very touching. We were very united at heart which made everyone speechless for a second. The moment made us appreciate the seniors for what they have done to all of us from the moment we arrived here at the airport and even up until now. They certainly made us feel at home.

The speeches made many of us almost cried and some of us even cried. It feels so sad knowing one-third of the Malaysians here will leave. But this is reality, people come and people go.

The best dress awards went to Muhammad Asif Mohd Noh, Muhammad Shafiq Ab Majid (X), Pui Yin Tham and Nur Syahida Mohd Shafei (Syida). They were chosen based on the votes taken from everyone. Congratulations to them.

All in all, we wish the seniors the very best in their future endeavors. It has been a pleasure knowing you guys.

Want to see wonderful Grad Night pictures? CLICK HERE . Credits for Erica Kohagizawa, our lovely photographer for the night. Also, watch Grad Night 2010 intro video HERE.

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