Welcome New Students...

Summer is coming to an end while Fall semester is fast approaching. The Malaysian Students Association thereby welcome all new Malaysian students including Freshmen and Transfer students to the University of Illinois. Hope you guys have had the chance to make yourselves comfortable before the classes start.

Here are some useful links:

Be sure to check where your classes are beforehand.

Check route and plan your trip to classes or anywhere ahead. Also get the Yahoo! Widget here.

Get to know the University and students better.

Check your course requirement to plan ahead.

Check prices for new textbooks.

Find used books sold by students. RECOMMENDED!

Order anything to eat anytime you want.

Find out their events and programs.

9. Enterprise UIUC
Add/Drop classes for Fall Semester, check your current schedule, check your University financial account and many more!

10. UIUC Email Links
Check your UIUC emails regularly. There's a way if you want to link your UIUC Email (netID) with your gmail account or other accounts. CLICK HERE!

Wishing all Malaysians a great semester ahead!

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2 Responses to “Welcome New Students...”

Saf Mohsin said...

This is really great! :D Good job admin (ammar?)!

I miss y'all!

Ammar Faris said...

Now, it's usamah, but yeah, i did some part of the updates and monitor the twitter and website frequently saf... I miss your batch too <3