On September 24th, Illini Union Board(IUB) organized a Culture Shock exhibition where the event aimed to showcase many cultures by having fun activities such as free food, dancing and other out-of-the-ordinary displays games and events. We, Malaysian Students Association as a representative of Malaysia here in UIUC proudly participate and did our best to show the world everything about Malaysia!

Event Director, Azwin Aksan.

"Wherever you travel, you are an ambassador for your country." With the slogan close to our heart, we like to show the world what is the true meaning of Malaysian Hospitality.

We teach them how to play Congkak!

We teach them how to play Sepak Takraw!

We teach them how to dance to Ngajat Tampi!

We teach them how to speak Malay!

It was a great day, we managed to introduce Malaysia to people who never heard of Malaysia before and now they excited to visit Malaysia in future. Thank you everyone for coming, especially to our Event Director Azwin Aksan for the amazing work! Saya bangga jadi anak Malaysia!

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3 Responses to “CULTURE SHOCK 2011”

Anonymous said...

Proud to be malaysian! Azwin Aksan mmg rock!

Anonymous said...

oooo I loike

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You have been doing a great job by running this exhibition which I have been willing to see from a while. There are many interesting things that you have been showing in this exhibition.