Merdeka Race

In conjunction with the 54th Independence Day of our beloved country, MaSA UIUC managed to organize an "Amazing Race" themed event on the main quad. The members gathered at the Anniversary Plaza and were divided into 4 groups, while the EBs were each stationed at secret locations on the Quad. The procedure for the game was for the participants to first find the locations based on the hints given, and then once they have arrived there they must answer a question about Malaysia before they could move on to the next station. The group that managed to reach the final stop first would be declared the winners!

Aliaa helping out in the preparation of the event.

After a introductory briefing from Ammar, the event was started. The participants had to huddle up to brainstorm the questions and strategies, and it was very competitive with teams running from end-to-end around the Quad.

Group discussion ongoing..

At each stop, punishments were given for groups that were unable to provide the answers within a certain time limit. An example of one of the punishments given was drawing a symbol of the country in chalk on the floor. All teams were picking up the pace, going from checkpoint to checkpoint as quickly as they could.

At the conclusion of the event, the winners were the group of Kar Leng, Yoong Jie, Mei Ling, Izzat, Azwan and Chye Hong. A big thank you to the members who participated, and it was a really competitive, fun event. Selamat Merdeka everyone!

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