Mid-autumn Festival 2011

On September 11th 2011, MaSA UIUC celebrated the mid-autumn festival, also known as mooncake festival or lantern festival in Malaysia as this festival is generally celebrated with the playing of lanterns and the eating of mooncakes.

From 8-10pm on that night the anniversary plaza was filled with Malaysians holding lanterns of different colors and sizes that were bought from Malaysia, and brought back to UIUC by a malaysian who bought them over summer.

There were food and games that night as well!!

The games involved two teams competing to light up lanterns the fastest, then attempting to extinguish the lanterns of the other team. At the end of the ordeal, there were no distinct winner, since ALL the lanterns were blown out by both teams, utilizing creative, extreme, elaborate (and some underhanded lol) tactics to extinguish them.

After that, all hell broke loose as water balloons were flung all over the anniversary plaza, soaking the participants of the water balloon fight (and some unsuspecting victims) all over.

At the end of the night, everybody went back with a smile on their faces, a memory in their minds, and for some, a giant wet patch of water on their clothes. =D

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