MaSA Homecoming Tailgate 2011

Starting from October 2010 which was marked as the 100th anniversary of the Illinois Homecoming, MaSA began to join the American-Illinois tradition of having a tailgate party during the homecoming weekend.

The Tailgate party was held on the 1st of October 2011, within the vicinity of the Research Park area, a few blocks away from the Memorial Stadium.

Although it was held from 9am until the game between Northwestern and Illinois started (we won by the way :D) which can be considered still early in the morning during the weekend, it did not hinder us to project our Illinois spirit and give support to our beloved ILLINI FOOTBALL team while hanging out with our beloved MaSA members.

The pictures below depict our spirit and enthusiasm :)

Even the cute Ayman wanna play the football :D

The mysterious chef, guess who is this?

The Illinois football player wanna-be !!!

Our beloved MaSA members :) :) :) Let's do this again NEXT YEAR!!!
Thanks for coming guys!!!

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