Hardy's Reindeer Ranch Visit

A visit to Hardy's Reindeer Ranch was made on October 22nd 2011. It took us around half an hour to get to the ranch which is in Rantoul, IL. There was a group of us who decided to give the visit a shot after hearing about their amazing corn maze. It was not that bad at all as we had fun going through the corn maze. The mission was to find all the checkpoints in the corn maze. The confusion came as we were left by the last few checkpoints as we tend to found the same checkpoints again and again. Some of us ask around as to survive the maze. Some of us just keep going with patience.

The ranch.

The crazy maze.

The reindeer.
In the cornmaze.

All in all, it was fun visiting the ranch and seeing the reindeer which has large antlers. Here's their website. http://www.reindeerranch.com/

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