Halloween : Night at The Office

On October 29th, about 40 of MaSa members gathered at AACC to celebrate Halloween! Boo! It has became an annual event among MaSa members in UIUC. The objective of having this celebration is to expose a bit of the vast american cultures to MaSa members. This event received a good respond from the members as many people turned up in their own interesting costume.

We played "Mummy Wrap Game" where each group had to use toilet rolls to wrap one representative nicely; that is to make he/she looks like a "Mummy". The funny part was the Mummies were then asked to dance to the "Party Rock Anthem" song. We came out with two awards for this game which are "The Best Wrapped Mummy" and "The Best Dancing Mummy".

The fun did not stop there, we then had everyone to participate in a sketch competition. Every group had to perform a short sketch using all the characters in their group. Within 15 minutes, the three groups managed to create great and hilarious sketches and they were judged by Kak Azwin, Kak Syeda, Dzelda and Rapik. Andrew's team won the competition (yes, they were awesome!).

The event was a success as everybody seemed to have a wonderful time throughout the event. Once again, thank you for your participation! =)

aliaa's jelly brain

puteri berendam (eyeballs version)

the five handsome vampires and the princess

looking all good!

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