Chinese New Year Dinner 2012

On Saturday, the 28th January, MASA proudly organized the Chinese New Year Dinner at one of the finest Chinese restaurant in Champaign, IL, Mandarin Wok. Many Malaysian faces showed up happily especially those who were celebrating their first Chinese New Year abroad. Fret not, the people and the food made it feel like home.

Thanks to Valerie and the gang, we had Yee Sang that night. It is believed that it would give good luck for the new year as we made wishes when tossing the Yee Sang as high as we could. We learned a few mandarin quotes that would bring good luck such as " The food was also great that most of us went back full.

The dinner was accompanied by an officer from EM Chicago who is Auntie Rozita. We were glad that she could join us for the dinner. The dinner were started by short speeches by MASA President, Ammar and Auntie Rozita. After the dinner, we gave out Ang Pao's to everyone. The lucky ones would get real money and they had to do something in the public. One of those guy had to perform the lion dance and another guy sang Negaraku.

The night did not end until we had a night of Mahjong at the union. It was so fun for many of us to learn how to play Mahjong. Even those who played the game for the first time that night fall in love with the game. The game became so addictive after pretty much everyone get the hang of it. It was awesome. There was also a karaoke session for some of us. Chinese songs were among the song played that night.

Sing a Chinese song please.

Yee Sang for good luck!

Addictive Mahjong

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