MaSA 2012-2013 EB Election

Brace yourself. The new school year is coming and it is time to choose the new EB. On Sunday, May 11 2012, we had an election for MaSA 2012-2013 EB. There are many promising candidates for the EB post this year but there only 7 post in MaSA EB. Congratulation to Shao Shen, Shing Huei, Izzat, Yong Bing, Chye Hong, Basyir and Azwan for their appointment in the new EB. We will have many works to do this year guys. To all that did not get the post, try again next year with a new spirit. Last but not least, thanks to the old EB for all their hard work in previous year. We will continue the legacy of all previous MaSA EB to make UIUC feel more like home.
New & Old EB

The new EB

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