MaSA Graduation Night 2012

"Tonight's Dream, Tomorrow's Memory"
MaSA UIUC Graduation Night 2012 was successfully held on April 21 in Illini Colonial room. Graduating seniors of 2012 will be leaving this summer and this graduation night served as one of the most wonderful memories for all of them in UIUC.

Different from the past few years, we had up to 9 performances this year and all of them grabbed the attention from all people in the ball room. Thanks to all the performancers for their great singing, sexy dancing and fantastic video presentations. Without them, the graduation night would not be so wonderful. All of you made the night a wonderful one to be remembered.

The Most Charming Prince and Princess!
All the seniors were given a handmade souvenir prepared by all the grad night committee members. The best dress awards were given to the King, Queen, Prince and Princess. Ammar and Chye Hong were crowned as the Best Dress King and Queen of the night while Faris and Lisa were voted as the Most Charming Prince and Princess. Congratulations to all of them!!

Best Dress King and Queen!

Thank you everyone! :D
Not to forget, loud applause to MaSA committee board 2012 for successfully organizing this event. Special thanks to Ronald, Jun Kit, Haikal, Jaabar, Yoong Jie, Shawn and Hannah for the great help and effort. It was a wonderful work done by all of you! And I could feel that all of us had a wonderful night.

Lastly, all the best to the seniors in your future undertakings and MaSA always welcome all of you to join us again in UIUC! Take care!

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