MaSA Graduation BBQ 2012

On a very fine Saturday noon, Malaysian Student Association University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (MaSA UIUC) held the annual tradition of Graduation Barbeque for the graduating Class of 2015 MaSA members. This year the barbeque was held at the Illini Grove, right next to Pennsylvania Avenue Residence and McKinley Health Centre. 

The hard works started on the Friday night where brave men and women tackled chicken parts after chicken parts to ensure food quality for the BBQ. They cleaned the chicken and marinated them using MaSA secret recipe of spice and herbs. You can actually get them from the committee if you want, but be sure to invite us to your barbeque!! No, just kidding.

Early Saturday morning, the barbeque pit was set up early so that we can get the right amount of heat for the chicken. About 1 pm, the right amount of flame is finally achieved and the marinated chicken goes to the grill.

Just look at the chicken and I bet you are drooling right now. At about 2.:30 pm, people started to arrive, with their foods and drinks. My poor memory cannot recall who brought what, but what I can remember is that every single one of them was delicious. 

At about 5 pm the food finished and everyone said their goodbyes. But not before we took a picture of everyone together!

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