Kicking off Fall '12 with Merdeka Celebration!

HEY guys! Lama tak jumpa!

First off, to all the new students, a warm WELCOME to the awesome University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign! To the returning sophomores, juniors and seniors, WELCOME BACK! Summer had definitely been a great period of rejuvenation for all of us, but it sure is great to be back on campus again!

On the night of Merdeka's eve, we had our kick-off meeting and Merdeka celebration, and such tremendous pleasure it was to see so many people gathered together! Over pizzas and sodas we chit-chatted, did some catching up and made new connections.

Here's a short clip on some of the awesome stuffs we did on Merdeka's eve!

Next, we took on the challenge to make a '55' with only our mobile phones' light! How precious our shot of '55' commemorating Malaysia's 55th indendence is when all the patience and cooperation it took are taken into consideration! It was not only a symbol of our love and pride for our nation, most importantly it marked our unity and spirit as a family!

We made it! Our bright '55' that marked our awesome Merdeka celebration night!
Last but not least, our final shot of striking the Tugu Negara (National Monument) pose at the Alma Mater's pedestal marked the end to our memorable night of Merdeka celebration.

The awesome Tugu Negara pose on Alma Mater's pedestal!
Happy belated 55th Independence once again, Malaysia!

Sincere appreciation to all who were present for the night! :D

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