End of Year Barbecue 2013 / Food and Hang Outs

On a very breezy Saturday afternoon of May 11th, 2013, MaSA held its annual End of the Year BBQ at the Illini Grove. Even though the weather forecast was giving us bad news before the event began, the weather was thankfully on our side. It was a very cold afernoon, a lot of our members came to make this a very warm event.

Food preparations such as marinating the chickens were done beforehand, thanks to a great number of MaSA members! With the grill set we had, the fire was started and the grilling began.

People came in intervals and we gathered around the tables that was readily on the Grove. Lunch was potluck-style; everyone brought a little something to the table. There were fried rice, chicken nuggets, cake (!), mashed potatoes and many more!

Alongside eating, we managed to slit in a little game of Ultimate Frisbee and American football. It was definitely a very relaxing and calm day for everyone to hang out after a week or two of exams and to celebrate the end of yet another school year! No more exams and classes, it was purely just plain fun that day.

Thank you to all who came to our BBQ lunch! It has been a great year, and we hope you'll have a great Summer! See you in Fall 2013! Have a good one :)

For more photos please visit the End of Year Barbecue 2013 set on our Flickr Photostream!

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