Ais Kacang Fundraising Booth / First in History!

The Malaysian Student Association Executive Board of 2013/2014 are very happy to introduce one of the initiatives that we have taken to further make better our organization. And the step we have taken is by starting fundraising events. Since the semester started off hot and sunny, we have decided to open an Ais Kacang booth!

If you don't know what Ais Kacang is.. Ais Kacang is a Malaysian Shaved Ice dessert that's famous in our country. It is sold at stalls and restaurants around the country. While Ais Kacang has had many different versions all around, the most basic ingredients are shaved ice, red beans, sweet corn, gula melaka, Rose syrup and evaporated milk to top it off! For this, we tried our best to get ingredients that would make our Ais Kacang taste as close as the ones back home. We have invested in an ice shaver machine to make our shaved ice.

We got our ingredients ready, the ice blocks for the machine is set. So on a Thursday and Friday (September 18th and 19th, respectively) we set up a booth near the Anniversary Plaza on the south of the Illini Union to sell our very own Ais Kacang. We decided to sell a cup of Ais Kacang for $1!

At first we warmed up to our MaSA members who came to support us and bought our Ais Kacang. We are not exaggerating when we say that we have successfully gotten close to making Ais Kacang that tastes like it does back home!

We have gotten several reactions from non-Malaysians who came over our booth. Some of them were excited to try the dessert for the first time, some of them were scared because they could not imagine what the combinations of sweet corn and red beans would be like, some of them - especially those from Indonesia - would have a clue on what it tastes like because they have had something similar in their country or have visited Malaysia once.

It was indeed a great experience. The weather that was starting to get cold decided to be on our side. The sun came out to support us. It was a good way for us MaSA members to hang out in between classes and promote Malaysian food to the members of University of Illinois!

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