Eid-ul Fitr Celebration 2013 / A Celebratory Day

What better way to end the Syawal month and the first couple of weeks of classes than an open house with our friends here at the U of I? On September 7th 2013, MaSA had their Eid/Hari Raya open house at the AACC. We loved the fact that many familiar and new faces came to join in our celebration. Eid-ul Fitr marks a day of victory for the Muslims who fast during the holy month of Ramadhan.

When people started arriving at the AACC, many asked whether the dishes were homemade -- yes, they were! Many of the key ingredients in the Eid dishes such as ketupat and kerisik were flown in from Malaysia because we really wanted to bring the smell and taste of home here. One of our favorite moments from the day was explaining the dishes to our American and non-Malaysian friends. We even made English translations to the famous dishes such as "Vegetable Broth and Coconut Milk" for lodeh and "Rice cubes" for ketupat. I won't spend too much on the atmosphere of the room during the day; I'll just let these photos do the talking.

After everyone has helped themselves to seconds (and thirds and fourths - which we love to see!), we moved to the front of the Foellinger Auditorium for a quick group photo. Eid is a day that one shares and spends with his or her family members and to have that sense of warmth and belonging here in Urbana is definitely another blessing to the entire MaSA family. Below is a shot of everyone who came that day. A "family photo" sounds just about right.

Kakak-kakak, abang-abang, adik-adik dan kawan-kawan, meet your home away from home:

An extended word of thanks and love to everyone who came, to those who brought food, dessert and drinks, and last but not least, to the brave awesome cooks who whipped up the main Hari Raya courses for the day. You know who you are!

For more photos please visit the Eid-ul Fitr Celebration 2013 set on our Flickr Photostream!

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