Culture Shock 2013 & Mid-Autumn Festival

On September 21st, 2013, Malaysian Student Association had two different events happening. The first one was Culture Shock 2013, and the second one was Mid-Autumn Festival.

Culture Shock 2013 was an annual event hosted by the Illini Union Board. This year it was held at the Illini Rooms A, B and C. We had an informational booth at the Culture Shock to promote and introduce Malaysia to the visitors. Other than Malaysian Student Association, other clubs such as Polish Student Association, Indian Student Association and others were involved that night. There were performances made by the Korean Student Association, Illini Modern Dancing and Illini Fold Dance Association. It was simply a cultural-based informational and entertainment night for the U of I students to gain some insights on.

At about 8:00PM, we started the second event: Mid-Autumn Festival which happened at the Engineering Quad. In spirit of trying something different, MaSA co-hosted this event with the Singaporean Student Association. As a result of that, we had a massive turnout of not only members, but also guests and friends! The moon shone brightly, and the people started gathering and have a nice time with one another.

To honor tradition, we had lots and lots of delicious mooncakes of varying flavors. It was reminiscence of home to some, and an interesting new experience for others. Whichever it was, the warm tea certainly made a good combination, especially as the chill of autumn creeps in as the night progressed.

And what are Mid-Autumn festivals without lanterns, no? As the guests checked in, we handed them lanterns for them to light up with some candles. As time went by and a good sized crowd were building, the place was soon illuminated with pretty orange candle lights, highlighting smiles of the holders and the people around them. It's astonishing to see how a couple of candles and lanterns could make a good time.

As the candles started running short, mooncakes long finished and the hot tea served were getting cold, the gathering ended as well. People parted ways, but of course keeping with them new bonds made with new friends and snugger friendship with old ones.

For more photos please visit the Mid-Autumn Festival 2013 set on our Flickr Photostream!

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