Fighting Illini Tailgate Potluck Hangout

On October 26 2013, MaSA organized a potluck Tailgate picnic near the parking lot of the university research area. It was a breezy day, great for picnic, and best of all, even though it's the end of October, it wasn't as cold as it should be!

Around 2:30PM, members came and each of us brought along something to share with everyone. Che Mat and Dzelda brought a wok and burner to cook our mee padang, which is done with frying several ingredients and sauces one after another. MaSA also grilled some chicken using a portable griller. Chairs were set up on the grasses and we had a live stream of the ongoing Fighting Illini vs Spartans (Michigan State University) game at the Memorial Stadium, not far from where we were. We could hear oohs and aahs coming from there!

Traditionally, we would all include a game or two of Touch Football mostly played by the boys. Everyone was doing a lot of moving around and a lot of eating too! Definitely a relaxing day to start the weekend.

The evening ended at 6PM. Thank you to all who came to our Tailgate picnic! It was a huge success, and we are glad almost all of you made it to the event! Here's hoping to see you next time :)

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