Karipap & Teh Tarik Fundraising Booth

On November 11th and 12th, Malaysian Students Association at University of Illinois (MaSA UIUC) held their 2nd fundraising of the semester, to increase our budget for the upcoming events! The executive board decided to make some scrumptious curry puffs, or in Bahasa Malaysia, karipap.

The process of making the curry puffs starts the Sunday before the week starts, where we meticulously learnt the process of rolling the dough and shaping them into golden shells of mouth watering curry puffs. Filled with potato curry, the curry puffs were an instant hit!

We started selling them at 11 am, and they sold out by 12.30 pm. Some lucky early birds managed to score those savory treats, and really enjoyed it. Many people came back for Day 2 of our operation, and we managed to sell them by around the same time as the first day.

We also had some teh tarik! The recipe was from our beloved supermom and superdad Kak Syeda and Abang Fauzi. The teh tarik was a nice touch, considering the temperature was getting colder. The trees were waving goodbyes to the summer, shedding their leaves to welcome the imminent winter.

In a nutshell, the second fundraising organised by Malaysian Student Association was a huge success. We wanted to give a zillion thanks to everyone who contributed to its success, by supporting us, and by helping us making it a reality. We hope to have more of similar activities in the future, and without your support, it would just be a dream.

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