Joie De Vivre: A Graduation Night Class of 2014

Congratulations to our very own Graduating Class of 2014!

It is that time of the year again where friends come together to celebrate what is known to be a great milestone in any college students’ life. The U of I students class of 2014 have finally ended their school year and Malaysian Student Association joined forces to plan a memorable Graduation Night for our graduating members. This year, on April 19, 2014 we celebrate 14 of our MaSA members - both undergraduates and graduates.

The Graduating Class of 2014 are:

Azwin Azny Aksan / Ph.D Tourism Management
Kathy Leung / M.S. Human Resources and Industrial Relations
Liang Chern Chow / M.S. Civil Engineering
Lim Chun Pin / M.B.A. Finance and Strategy
Azwan Adza / B.S. Actuarial Science
Chong Yong Bing / B.S. Material Science Engineering
Hannah Jiah Yee Lim / B.S. Material Science Engineering
Nik Muhammad Naim / B.S. Electrical Engineering
Ng Shao Shen / B.S. Material Science Engineering
Pang Yoong Jie / B.S. Aerospace Engineering
Tiang Shing Huei / B.S. Computer Science
Shawn Ooi / B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Wong Jun Kit / B.S. Material Science Engineering

The night began with the arrival of guests at 6:30PM -- everyone wandered around the room as they wait for the graduates to arrive, waiting with much excitement for the night to unravel.

Later at 7:15PM, the master ceremony of the night announced the arrival of the graduates along with Dr. Rapik. The graduates walked graciously into the room accompanied by warm cheers and great round of applause from the guests.

After some opening ceremonies, we began with a break for Muslims to perform their Maghrib prayer. The rest of the guests were joined together for session of games and trivia.

Dinner began shortly after everyone shuffled back into the room. Like many great events in history, food was accompanied by performances. That night, we were fortunate enough to witness an array of MaSA members come upfront to perform for the guests.

We had the freshmen perform together a great number of songs for their beloved seniors. Boys who we never thought would stand in front to sing have proved us wrong! And the girls have stepped up to sing as well to celebrate this wonderful night.

Souvenir giving sessions were the most looked forward to event of the night as the crowd is reintroduced to the Class of 2014. We begun calling out our graduate members to attain their souvenirs that the Souvenir team has worked hard to make it as memorable as they could. We gifted them with sweets, photos and memorable things for keepsake after they leave the U of I. What better way to remember moments than through photos? We hope they enjoy their gifts as much as we enjoyed making them!

The night continued it’s joy with more performances by our talented member Chan Fan Kiat, who played multiple songs from two different languages! We were all awed by his performance that we even asked him to sing an Indian song! Our very own graduate, Azwan together with Lisa and Haikal braved the stage to sing a heartfelt song by John Legend, “All of Me”.

The seniors did not want to miss this opportunity to continue the tradition of performing. The boys came out to sing their heart out to songs like Westlife’s Season in the Sun and many more. They were spontaneously joined by other MaSA members. A wonderful sight to see, indeed.

Awards were given out to the best dressed male, best dressed female, best hair, best smile and best performer of the night!

The night was then simmered down as we invited a representative amongst the seniors as well as a representative for our graduate members. Shao Shen gave a short and sweet speech filled with thanks and words of encouragement for his younger friends continuing their studies. Kak Awin on the other hand, gave a very meaningful speech that captures her life in the U of I that was filled with people that helped her throughout her time here. She even included a great advice for new MaSA board members to ensure that we continue this legacy with heart.

A farewell video compiled by Mu’azr was played as a closing for the night. A well thought video made to portray and summarize our graduates life here in the U of I as both a student as well as a loved member of Malaysian Student Association.

A formal photo session were in order to capture such a wonderful night before we announce the end of this year’s Graduation Night.
Joie De Vivre which is French for Joy of Living. A simple yet meaningful phrase that easily captures the essence of the four years (and more) the graduates have been here. Malaysian Student Association are very grateful to have crossed paths with these wonderful individuals. We hope that they had a fulfilled life here in the U of I and built joyous memories with MaSA.

We wish them well in their future endeavors, no matter where they choose to go or what they choose to do. This may be goodbye. But no worries, because goodbyes only make the next hello closer.

You guys shall be missed!

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