Broomball Tournament 2014

On Saturday February 8 2014, starting from 9:45PM till midnight, MaSa had organized an enjoyable event that was Broomball Tournament. This tournament was one of the must events here in UIUC.

"We had so much fun!” as being said by one of the participants portrayed the excitement we had on that night. This was the first broomball event for new students and thus opened a bright opportunity for them to meet up and make new friends. In this game, we learned on how to lead and listen to instructions.  We had top three winner groups to receive medals for the competition.

“We stand together, we laugh together, we play together, and we fall together during the game.”—Syahirah, First place winner.

We ended the night with a supper at a family restaurant, Perkins. It was so much fun that we did not realize the time was running by. Should we have this kind of event again next time? We will!  

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