Chinese New Year Dinner 2014

On Saturday February 1 at 6:00PM, MaSA had organized a Chinese New Year Dinner Celebration placed in Mandarin Wok. It was so much fun and very warming with the laughter of the Malaysian students and a couple more of our friendly non-Malaysian friends who joined us.

Yee-Sang Mixing

 The dinner was served with 10 different kinds of dishes and the  main event was the 'Yee-Sang' ceremony. People start to mix the  'Yee-Sang' with the belief of having more luck in the year of  Horse!

We dined heartily after the ceremony until nothing left on the plate. It was totally delicious! The night was followed by the lucky draw session where there winners got the 'Ang-Pau' or the 'Red Envelope' with surprises inside. The fun was not ended over here. We had a board game night in the Illini Union afterwards.  We were learning together on how to play ‘Mahjong’ and we merrier up the night with a few other board games too. So much fun on Chinese New Year, so many memories to remember!

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