Travel Around The world 2014

On April 2nd, MaSA participated in the annual Travel Around the World fair held by our university's International Sutden and Scholar Services (ISSS). Our day got off on a gloomy start, as it was drizzling during our setup in the space behind the Illini Union bus stop, but by 11am the rain had stopped and we were geared up and ready to go.

Luckily for us, we managed to snag a spot near the entrance of the tent, so people coming in could see out booth first, and were always amazed by our cultural and religious diversity, full of history that many could draw links to. A lively group of Muslim students were very happy to learn that we say "salam" and marriages were called "nikah" in Malay! Also, many people from China got to learn about how Malaysia got to have so many "Chinese people who speak Chinese so well!" as they put it. Of course, everyone was happy to taste some sweet kuih seri muka and it finished within the first hour!

There were many other booths, displaying their cultural artifacts, food, or general information for all to experience. The Brazillian booth opposite us were most lively, they had music and the lady at the booth was dancing to it all day! Iran next to us offered Persian sweetmeats which was altogether very different and pleasant. The EU had a quiz on EU trivia, Korea showed off K-pop, Taiwan with their street food, Native Americans with their traditional artifacts, and these are only the ones I remember! There were many more, and if one visited 5 or more booths and gathered enough stamps, ISSS gave away a free t-shirt too.

The university really does help to foster a sense of connectedness with the world with events like this, where many cultures can come side by side to learn more about each other, and have fun. Be sure to come by next year, as we'll definitely be participating again!

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