Graduation BBQ and Potluck '14

On May 17, MaSA had organized a hangout event with some BBQs and potlucks from the members. It was a nice, breezy day that day. MaSA members gathered around to celebrate the end of Spring 2014 semester and to hangout with our beloved, graduated seniors for the last time before they leave for their future plan. Most of the graduated MaSA members came together with their family to the event.  Even though it’s a bit cold that day, it was a very warm event full with joy and laughter.

Alongside eating, we had Frisbee game and touch football at the Illini Groove. For those who were not playing, they gathered around the tables and chatted with each other, just like family. There were a lot of stories to be told since our last meeting. Some of us also get warmed around the fire pit by helping out with grilling the chicken for the guest. Thanks to them, we had a really delicious barbecued chicken.

The meeting ended at 5.00PM. Everybody headed back to their place hoping that we could meet again in this kind of event in the future. Thank you for those who came that day. For those who couldn't come, please look forward to our next event.

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