MaSA Kick-Off Meeting and Merdeka Celebration 2014

Welcome back MaSA members! Fall semester has officially started, so goodbye carefree summer days and hello heaps of homework. On August 30th 2014, we had our usual kick-off meeting and Merdeka celebration to start off the academic year.We were happy to see many new as well as returning cheerful faces in MaSA! We welcome the new MaSA members and to name a few, there were Chee Hoe, Cora (not the avatar) and our youngest members Wen Xuan and Nuraini. The event started off with grabbing slices of pizza with soda.
After that, we moved on with the ice breaking session. Members were given time to move around and mingle with each other, then we would have to voice out our first impression about any one of them.

A lot of compliments were heard! After everyone had the chance to speak, MaSA board members presented their roles and plans for the year. Once we were over with the technicalities, it was time to get creative! Our Merdeka activity for this year is putting up a skit in groups. Hidden talents were revealed and great ideas were brought about; who would've thought that we have our very own Malaysia Man, and passionate “sajak” reciters.

There was also the scene of a “mamak” place filled with all our Malaysian celebrities debating over who contributed the most! All the groups’ performances were hysterical— the videographer had a hard time stifling laughs so that the footage weren’t shaky. The night ended after all groups had performed and the winners were announced. All in all, it had been a lively night and everyone seemed enthusiastic. We hope you had a great time! May this start a wonderful academic year ahead.

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