MaSA Open House 2014

On September 6th 2014, MaSA UIUC had their annual Raya Open House at the Asian American Cultural Center. However, this year’s open house celebration was a little bit different compared to the past years, as it was the first Raya Open House to be done in the evening! The celebration was nevertheless just as joyous!

The event kicked off officially at 8.00 pm with serving of various traditional raya dishes prepared by the MaSA committee.  As always, there were the usual ketupat, kuah kacang and rendang. To compliment these traditional raya dishes were two additional main entrees, nasi lemak with samba and laksa Johor!

As the guest started arriving, the atmosphere became warmer and warmer! At the same time, the variety of food served increased even more! Added to the already fantastic menu were other Malaysian delicacies such as roti jala, bihun goreng as well as other deserts! Everyone was having a blast just hanging out while enjoying the food.

The event came to a close at around 11.00 pm with a commemorative group picture! 

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Santana Karlos said...

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