Mid-Autumn Festival 2014

On the night of September 8th 2014, Malaysian Student Association held the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration together with the Chinese Society at UIUC. Lanterns were provided by Malaysian Student Association while the Chinese Society at UIUC prepared homemade mooncakes and hot tea.

The event started at approximately 8.15 PM. After a welcoming speech by one of our fellow Malaysian, people mingled and talked with each other, getting to know better the people they know, and getting to know those they have yet to know. Apart from the delicious mooncakes and the pretty lanterns, there were mini games hosted by the Chinese Society at UIUC which are related to Chinese characters and poems. The night was delightful as everyone chatted and talked with a lantern on one hand and a mooncake on the other. To top it off, the night was well-lit by the full moon that night, which was shining ever so brightly.

At around 10.30 P.M., the event officially ended and people left for their homes with smiles on their faces.

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