MaSA "Nasi Lemak" Fundraising 2014

On the 20th and 21st October, MaSA had decided to organize their 2nd fundraising event after a successful one with the Ais Kacang. As the weather was getting colder, Liyanaa, MaSA’s treasurer, presented the idea of selling Nasi Lemak as pre-suggested by Azri Rosni, an active member of MaSA.
            The event started on a Monday of the 20th at 11 A.M at the Foreign Languages Building. It was estimated to end by 3 PM, but the Nasi Lemak was selling like hotcakes! Apart from Malaysians, quite a number of non-Malaysians bought them too and every thing was sold out by noon. It was the same on the second day of the fundraising, despite the fact MaSA doubled up the quantity of Nasi Lemak.

            All in all, the ever-so-fragrant and mouth-watering Nasi Lemak had turned the event a huge success and it was one of the biggest profits MaSA had all year. Do look forward to MaSA’s next fundraising event, Karipap (Curry puffs) and Teh Tarik (Hot milk tea)!

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