Tailgate 2014

For those who don't know, a tailgate is where a group of people go to the parking lot of a football game and hold a picnic from the back of the car, usually involving a grill. MaSA has a tradition of holding a tailgate every year during the Homecoming football game. This year being no different, we were gathered on a surprisingly sunny Saturday morning in the parking lots next to Memorial Stadium and had some barbeque!

There were many other groups who were doing their other tailgate in the area, and it got quite crowded into the day. Fortunately, some of us got there early to hold a spot so we had enough space. The grill took some time to light (as always), but we got it going and grilled the chickens, which ended up super delicious (as always). We played some football, talked some, and had a great time. In the end, some of use went in to watch the actual game while others stayed outside at the tailgate. 

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