MaSA Karipap and Teh Tarik Fundraiser 2015

On February 2nd and 3rd, MaSA had another fundraiser at the Foreign Language Building. This time we sold our very own homemade ‘’Karipap” and “Teh Tarik”. Our sales attracted many customers, which half of them were non Malaysians! People passing by our booth couldn’t resist their stares and the curry puff scent just made it harder for them to not stop by and buy their own. “Teh Tarik” added on to people’s temptations too as they would want something nice and warm to drink after eating the curry puffs. Everyone just loved our Malaysian food and the sales finished up pretty quick! This fundraiser could not have been a success without the helping hands of our many volunteers! MaSA members came all the way to Champaign to help prepare the food.  Everyone had a good time exchanging stories while making the curry puffs (we even found out that there are a couple of child star actors among us) and maybe “skilled in crimping curry puffs” could even be added on to one’s resume under entrepreneur skills. We are very grateful to have such helpful members that are willing to make time for this fundraiser.

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One Response to “MaSA Karipap and Teh Tarik Fundraiser 2015”

Allan Hawkins said...

wow.. congrats that you got attention from many customers. this is the way you always provide benefit to the company. I am impressed with your work. and yeah, i also love Malaysian food. :)